Am I Man Or Monster ?.


Wow, been ages since I’ve posted over here and I feel bad. Been rather busy getting things ready for Zenkaikon, which is next weekend, that I’ve forgotten to post art here. Been posting it to my not so professional and silly blog (which is what is in the watermark).Anyway…Mad Moxxishe was one of my favorite character from Borderlands 2, her and Tiny Tina were awesome and I wanted to draw them! Then I found out that the voice actress of Moxxi will be at Zenkaikon this year so I had to draw Moxxi no matter what!I hope you all enjoy this piece!She’ll be for sale at my both :D——————You can also get this print (or shirt or ect.) over on my Redbubble: "Mad and Sexy”

I was starting to feel pretty shitty about myself, and then I remembered. 
I’m 20 years old and weigh 213 pounds as of today, April 16, 2014 
The picture on the left, I was only 17 and I weighed a whopping 327 pounds. Through diet and mild exercise, I’ve shed a complete other person. 
Standing at 5’7” I’ve come so far and I’m going further. Bam.
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